-World Handicap System-

Dear Playing Member,

As we indicated in last week's update, this is the first of our four detailed guides trying to ensure we provide a consistent message that helps us all with the World Handicap System (WHS). For further information visit www.englandgolf.org.

An overview and introduction to the WHS.

* Golf is a global game with one set of Rules.
* From November 2nd this year, golf will have one global handicap system replacing the six systems currently in use.
* It will be consistent and portable-wherever you play.
* The overarching objective is to ensure ALL players have the opportunity to play competitive golf.
* It is designed to allow as many golfers as possible the opportunity to get a 'handicap index' (which is the measure of a players demonstrated ability and will replace the players current handicap) and use it on any golf course around the world to compete, or play recreationally.
* It is easier to understand.
* For regular golfers with existing records, the WHS software will calculate the average of your eight best scores from your most recent 20 rounds. (Rules exist if you have fewer than 20).
* For new golfers, the WHS software will require scorecards from 54 holes from any combination of 9 & 18 hole scores.
* The maximum handicap index is 54 to encourage beginner golfers.
* You MUST be a member of an affiliated club to hold a handicap.
* Before November, the current handicap software will begin to show your handicap index alongside your current handicap details.
* Player categories disappear. Buffer zone disappears. 0.1 increases disappear.
* Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) identity numbers are retained.
* How does it work? It is all done electronically for Competitions and via your home club for pre-registered social golf.

Many of the terms used here will feature in our next emails to you. In the meantime, please visit the England Golf website and view their first two videos - Introduction & Basis of Calculation. The other videos will form the subject of our next comms to you. The videos can also be viewed via YouTube and they are all posted on our Web site's WHS page, Facebook & Instagram.

Any questions? Please email them to the Club for our attention and we will attempt to answer them.

Happy golfing!

The Competition and Handicap Committee.

Andy, Chris, Barbara, Avril, Nigel with Richard.

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