1. Introduction This Policy is designed to ensure competition rounds are played at an appropriate pace. Ponteland Golf Club (PGC) recognises that slow play can adversely impact on the level of enjoyment for our members and visitors.

The Rules of Golf require players to play promptly and without unreasonable delay. Through this policy PGC sets out its approach designed to encourage prompt Pace of Play and guidelines, with sanctions, when players fail to recognise the requirement for prompt play. The objective of these actions is to ensure that everyone enjoys their game of golf.

2. Times The starting interval between groups is eight (8) minutes and all are expected to maintain this interval with the group ahead throughout the round. From time to time circumstances may cause the interval time to exceed eight minutes; however all effort should be made to catch up with the group in front.

Max Times: Threeball 3 Hours 45 Minutes - Fourball 4 Hours 00 Minutes

Pace of Play Policy

1. All members of PGC are required to maintain their Proper Position on the golf course and to play promptly. Each group shall be considered to be in the Proper Position as long as it is on pace with the Max Times outlined above, or if not, as long as it is directly behind the group in front of them.

2. All groups must play Ready Golf. If a group is not keeping pace with the group ahead, it is expected that they will take the necessary steps to catch up and/or let following groups through.

3. PGC may adopt R&A Pace of Play specific time guidelines for designated competitions and situations.

4. Ready Golf

Quite simply, Ready Golf is a common sense approach to play the ball when ready:

- Dismiss all honours - Don’t wait for others before approaching the tee and hitting; - Proceed to your ball as quickly as possible - Play the ball as soon as it is safe to do so. Each player should play when ready, as long as doing so will not interfere with others, especially on the tee. Shorter hitters can often hit first on the tee

Guidelines to Members on how to Increase the Pace of Play

* Arrive on Time – Arrive 15 minutes and be ready to play 5 minutes before tee time.

* Keep Up – One’s place on the golf course is immediately behind the players in front, not in front of the players behind! This is the responsibility of each player.

* Use your Rear View Mirrors – if your group is consistently holding up a group behind move on smartly or let them through.

* Speak Up - If your group is falling behind a special effort needs to be made to catch up, it is everybody’s duty in the group to speak up!

* Provisionals - If there is a possibility of your ball being lost or out of bounds, immediately play a provisional. Always have a spare ball in your pocket.

* Start the Clock - after three minutes looking for a lost ball, under the rules of golf, the ball is lost! Once you commence searching, start the clock!

* Next Tee - when you arrive at a green, place your golf bag on way to the next tee. Mark score on the tee while other are teeing off. Let shorter hitters go first.

* Move On – don’t practice missing putts while others are waiting! No fishing for golf balls!

* Be Ready - When it’s your turn, have a selected club in your hand or have read that putt - be ready. Putt out whenever possible.

* Play Away - Except in match play, don’t always wait on others – if sensible and agreeable to your partners, play away.

* Talk While You Walk - Don’t dawdle or stop for a chat.

* Pick Up – If you have used up your quota or can’t improve on your partner’s score pick up!

* Visitors – encourage your visitors to Play the Ponteland Golf Club Way.

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