Junior Members Club

Boosting the interest and enjoyment of golf for younger people is as important as ever in 2017 and Ponteland Golf Club have taken the initiative by launching our own Junior Member's Club. 

The special membership for all juniors who sign up, allows them to receive free coaching from our PGA Professionals and participate in a number of fun activities arranged on our facilities.

Over the weeks of the Junior Members Club, Ponteland will present two prizes based on an individual's achievement in all areas of the game and etiquette. Read the prize description below:

-Skills Trophy-
During each session, games are available for the juniors to take part and compete in. The skills trophy is awarded to the player who performs outstandingly when taking part in any of the skills based activities.

-Ponteland JMC Green Jacket-
The jacket is presented the the junior who not only performs well in the skills activities, but also demonstrates a number of other important attributes. The overall behaviour, desire to learn, politeness and care and encouragement towards others in the group is paramount.

The Junior Members Club provides a healthy and fun learning envrionment for all juniors which is evident by the growing interest and vast improvment over the initial weeks. Please follow the progress through the weeks of the Ponteland Junior Members Club below!

***Junior Members Club - Week 13, 14, 15, 16***

July 24th - July 31st - August 7th - August 14th

For the final 4 weeks, with all the juniors having built confidence up in the previous weeks, the remaining sessions were held out on the golf course. Due to the success that Ponteland have had with the Member's Club programme, we were invited to enter the new Junior Golf Sixes Tournament.

There is a special format which takes part on the course, however the holes have been shortened to be much more manageable for the younger golfers. a pair then competes in a 2 person Texas Scramble format to try and finish out the hole in as little shots as possible. Points are then awarded based on how well the pair did.

This format was introduced into our Monday evening sessions, and not only did it make the game much more enjoyable, it sparked some highly competitive, good spirited games which is fantastic to see from our young members.

The final presentation of the sixteen weeks took part on the putting green once everyone was in off the golf course. Everyone hopes that all juniors in the club enjoyed their sixteen weeks as much as we think they did. The JMC is taking a break until September when the program will continue every weeks.

14/07/17 - Green Jacket Winner - Lewis Scholes

14/07/17 - Skills Trophy Winner - Liam Dalton

***Junior Members Club - Weeks 10, 11, 12***

July 3rd - July 10th - July 17th

As the Junior Members Club entered its 10th week, the plan was to start giving everyone a chance to go onto the golf course and put their skills to the test. For many of them, this was the very first time that they had stepped foot onto a golf course!

Despite the new challenge, all the juniors who went out on the golf course managed themselves very well, and thoroughly enjoyed using their new skills to overcome the challenges of the the course.

The final week was the same week as The British Open, and like previous Majors, we hosted another crazy golf tournament. The results were unanimous and the presentation of the Green Jacket and Skills Trophy followed the final putts.

17/07/17 - Green Jacket Winner - Will Alderson

17/07/17 - Skills Trophy Winner - Sam Allison

*** Junior Members Club - Weeks 7, 8, 9 ***

June 12th - June 19th - June 26th

In celebration of the US Open week, the seventh week of the Junior Members Club on Monday 12th June saw everyone compete in a Crazy Golf Tournament (Putting), with four competitors taking part in the final playoff round. Sabrina Jackland and Robbie Kinniborough couldn't be separated and eventually shared the honours.

The following two weeks involved multiple chipping drills and games, Uno Pitching and driving competitions. It has been excellent seeing everyone working well together when placed in a team to achieve their teams goal. With many games to compete in during Week 9, the Skills Trophy and Green Jacket presentation took place following the session on the putting green.

26/06/17 - Green Jacket Winner - William Alderson

26/06/17 - Skills Trophy Winner - Oscar Stafford

*** Junior Members Club - Weeks 4, 5, 6 ***

May 22nd - May 29th - June 5th

Identical to the first two sessions, Weeks 4 and 5 were held outdoors. The Uno Golf (Putting) was adapted and played on the putting green. The Umbrella Target (Chipping), Nearest the Flag Targets (Pitching) and Straightest/Longest Drive Contest (Full) were used once again, and it was fantastic to see how much everyone had improved scoring far higher than their first attempts in the previous weeks.

Once again the presentation week was held indoors due to heavy rain, but the favourite Uno Golf (Putting) was set up in the bar and downstairs lounge and two 'PuttOut' Challenges were set up keeping the juniors highly entertained before the Green Jacket and Skills Trophy presentation.

05/06/17 - Green Jacket Winner - Otis Morrison

05/06/17 - Skills Trophy Winner - Robbie Kinniburgh

*** Junior Members Club - Weeks 1, 2, 3 ***

May 1st - May 8th - May 15th

Following the introductory Monday and during the first three weeks, the Junior Members Club grew vastly in numbers as the word of mouth spread between friends and family. All juniors received a Ponteland Golf Club shirt and new Members Card to establish them as full members of the club.

The first two weeks were held outdoors with a number of different skills games for the juniors to play and compete on which covered each skill of the golf game. This included a Crazy Golf Course (Putting), Umbrella Target (Chipping), Nearest the Flag Targets (Pitching) and Straightest/Longest Drive Contest (Full)

The third week was held indoors due to inclement weather, but a number of fun activities were staged inside the restaurant including Uno Golf (Putting) and was rounded up with the presentation of the Green Jacket and Skills Trophy.

15/05/17 - Green Jacket Winner - Sophie Auld

15/05/17 - Skills Trophy Winner - Henry Hull
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